Experience a Martian Invasion in London

  • Live Actors, Virtual Reality, Iconic Music
  • A Breathtaking 1 Hour 50 Min Experience

“You'll kick yourself if you miss this”

— Tom, via Tripadvisor
LONDON'S #1 IMMERSIVE NIGHT OUT* Rated 5/5 and #12 of ALL London Nightlife and the only immersive event in the top 20 on Tripadvisor.
TOP 10% IN THE WORLD Ranked in the top 10% of ALL attractions globally. 98% of guests recommend this.*
8 AWARDS WON! THEA award-winning experience from Layered Reality™ who've won 8 awards so far!
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Get ready for a completely unique multi-sensory experience that transports you back to 1898 to experience a Martian invasion. 

Live actors guide you through 24 interactive scenes  enhanced with virtual reality and multi-sensory effects – all set to Jeff Wayne’s iconic score.

It’s the “best attraction in London” according to  David F on Tripadvisor who says, “I have been on interactive/immersive experiences before both here and in the big theme parks in America but this was the best by far”.

Don’t miss this must-see, multi-award winning event, it’s rated 5/5, Traveller’s Choice and top 20 of ALL London nightlife on Tripadvisor.

"Probably one of the most memorable days out of my life."

— Neleau via Tripadvisor

Watch the trailer

Watch the official trailer now to see what this unique multi-sensory experience is like. You'll:

  • Sneak into a deserted Victorian house

  • Escape London by boat as 300 foot Martian Fighting Machines attack Westminster

  • Slide down the claw of a Martian Handling Machine

  • Fly to Mars in a hot air balloon

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Guest Reviews

Over 83,640 people have seen it so far and 98% of guests say they'd recommend it!

We screamed, we laughed… Live actors, stunning sets, pyrotechnics and first class virtual reality, we were in it! Literally the best thing I’ve been to... We now cannot stop talking about it.
— Sarah-Jane J. via Tripadvisor

One of the most enjoyable experiences I can remember… my jaw ached from laughing and smiling so much! AMAZING!!! Overall it was incredible value for money, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!

— SfromL1974 via Tripadvisor

Escapism at its best! Loved all of it - actors were terrific; such variety, excitement and pace, it kept you entertained throughout… The overall experience was awesome - best day out we’ve had in a long time! Thank you!

— Fiona U. via Tripadvisor

We’ve just climbed through windows, slid down slides, taken a boat ride on the Thames and a balloon to Mars. Immersive does not begin to describe it. Complete with the music and artwork from the original Jeff Wayne extravaganza… Two unforgettable hours.

— WisdenPompey via Tripadvisor

Thrilling once in a lifetime experience. What a brilliant, immersive, truly exhilarating experience from start to finish… Excellent value for money. Thank you

— Daytrip318842 via Tripadvisor

This is by far the best thing I have done in years. In actual fact, I can't even compare the level of this experience to anything else… My partner and I had a wonderful time and will look back on this experience as one of our best. My advice to anyone thinking about going is, GO! You will not regret it.

— Jay W. via Tripadvisor

We travelled from Pitlochry to see this and were not disappointed. Worth visiting for the story telling, the actors were great and the special effects right from the start… Brilliant fun.

— Erica R. via Tripadvisor
Thunder Child


This experience is based upon the iconic 1978 double album, Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of The Worlds, which has sold over 16 million records worldwide and gone platinum 13 times in the UK alone.

If you know Jeff's music, this experience is an “absolute must”. If you're new to it, it's a breathtaking way to discover one of the biggest selling albums of all time.

Click here to watch a personal welcome video from Jeff Wayne and find out why he rates this experience as one of the “most unique and enjoyable collaborations” of his career.

“An absolute must for any war of the worlds fan, the VR makes the experience amazing.”

— Albion 26 via Google